• Processed cheese slices packed “in flight”

    Apr 24, 2023
    The adapa Group has mastered the art of individually wrapping processed cheese slices with its high-performance films: Leif Elenius, TQM e R&D Manager, describes the ProPeel-IWS (individually wrapped slices) films, which combine low material thickness with high puncture and tear resistance and allow for maximum speeds on vertical flow-pack lines.
  • 50 years of innovative solutions

    Apr 19, 2023
    OMAG at interpack | Hall 15 - B20. The product range offered by Omag - which has been designing and developing customised machines for packaging in sachets and single-dose sticks for the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors since 1973
  • ACMA | Interpack 2023

    Apr 17, 2023
    Hall 6 / B31-D57 | Flexible and sustainable solutions for the future industries
  • Filling and capping

    Apr 17, 2023
    Omas Tecnosistemi at interpack| Hall 16 - C71. Immediately after presenting its latest products specifically for the cosmetics and make-up sector at Cosmopack in Bologna, Omas Tecnosistemi will be at interpack to showcase of high-tech, sustainability-oriented 4.0 solutions.
  • The Cibus and Tuttofood alliance is sealed

    Apr 11, 2023
    On 9 March, the agreement between Fiere di Parma and Fiera Milano was sealed, aiming at an integrated management of trade fair events linked to the agrifood sector: Cibus and Tuttofood.
  • GEA | Interpack 2023

    Apr 05, 2023
    Hall 3 E46–E54 | GEA showcases engineering excellence with future potential
  • Vimar S.p.A. | Best Packaging 2023

    Apr 04, 2023
    The Multipack packaging consists of 5 cases connected to each other by a band, called a partition, which keeps them together.
  • Medac Srl | Best Packaging 2023

    Apr 04, 2023
    A cardboard lid for ice cream cups with an innovatively shaped spoon on the inside that holds itself in place inside the lid and can be easily removed.
  • Magic Srl | Best Packaging 2023

    Apr 04, 2023
    g-pad is a biodegradable and compostable high absorption food pad for draining excess liquids in tray packs of fresh food, especially meat, fish and fruit.
  • Lucy Plast SpA, Finpesca SpA | Best Packaging 2023

    Apr 04, 2023
    Innovative crate for the fishing sector, made up of two parts: an inner tray in PP certified for direct contact with foodstuffs and an outer crate in recycled PP made with 25% calcium carbonate from the shells of molluscs, designed to be durable and reusable over time.
  • Levoni Spa in collaboration with ILIP Srl | Best Packaging 2023

    Apr 04, 2023
    As part of its sustainability journey, Levoni - in collaboration with ILIP - has developed the innovative SealMaster Barriera tray for pre-sliced deli meats. This single-material packaging is made from recycled plastic and is fully recyclable.
  • Happy Srl | Best Packaging 2023

    Apr 04, 2023
    Patented plastic tray for packaging fresh food, in stretch or MAP, characterized by a particular relief on the bottom capable of lifting the food and allowing the circulation of air or protective gases around it.
  • GOGLIO S.P.A. | Best Packaging 2023

    Apr 04, 2023
    Large size high barrier aseptic bag, specific for food and vegetable products, suitable for long time preservation at room temperature.

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