Operating efficiency: a key element in investments

According to the 6th Couchbase survey, the drivers of modern transformative application projects are agility and accountability. An average investment of 33 million dollars for innovation projects is expected in the next 12 months.

Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), the company specialised in cloud database platforms, has published the results of its sixth survey on the digital transformation carried out among IT managers, finding that companies are continuing to invest significantly in IT modernization in line with changes in digital transformation goals. The focus of attention is on operating efficiency, which affects the way enterprises invest in transformation initiatives: for almost 60% of those interviewed, in fact, the main objective is linked to an improvement in business efficiency, with IT investment in 2023 prioritised on the creation of modern applications.

A large-scale study dedicated to the IT world

Carried out on a sample of senior IT decision-makers, the survey found that companies intend to invest on average 33 million dollars in the next 12 months. The research focused on a number of interesting conclusions, such as those linked to the relationship between modernisation and an improvement in business resilience. According to 57% of interviewees at global level, and 62% in Italy, in fact, the main objective of digitalisation is to respond to the challenges of an evolving global economy.

Allocation of investments

According to the IT managers, moreover, there’s strong pressure for the adoption of new technologies such as serverless computing (indicated by 42% at global level and by 44% of the Italians), low- or no-code technologies (39% global and 54% Italian) and edge computing and IoT (40% global and 26% Italian), while AI is still considered to be at the start of its journey, becoming a protagonist in the future. According to Couchbase, however, IT teams are already considering the adoption of large language models (LLM) such as ChatGPT (35% global and 28% Italian).

The role of developers in the innovation journey

Enhancement of developers’ productivity is considered a prominent goal, thanks to their role as innovation accelerators in companies. On the one hand, in fact, these professional figures are pushing for agile development and innovation (44% global, 46% in Italy) but also for creating more applications able to meet customer needs (44% in both cases). The research has demonstrated that 38% of global IT teams are focusing on tangible modernisation projects, showing that technology continues to extend the boundaries of business transformation, driving innovation and inspiring a new generation of applications.

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