Gipea: presentation of the Economic Monitoring Report 2023

A day dedicated to the analysis and presentation of the 12th edition of the Economic Report (“Osservatorio Economico”) gave participants an overview of national ad international economic trends, with a focus on the graphics, paper manufacturing and converting sector.

The presentation of the 12th Gipea Economic Monitoring Centre Report by Gianluca Cinti, XGen Advisory and Federico Visconti, Rector of LIUC - Cattaneo University in Castellanza, offered a tool available to GIPEA member enterprises to analyse the economic and financial situation of companies in the sector, covering current performances and trends.

The figures show a 2022 characterised by a significant growth in turnovers, also on the back of inflationary pressures; a further improvement in absolute, but not percentage, margins; a change in the composition of NWC and growth in financial fixed assets; a growth in indebtedness and the confirmation of a correlation between performance and dimension.

Besides the Report, a European economic picture

Alberto Quaglia of the Gipea Board spoke about the economic situation, illustrating the quarterly analyses of the Finat report titled “Report & Analysis: the European narrow web market - 3° Quarter 2023, Finat Radar no. 21” which shows a difficult situation but with some positive aspects, in particular with regards to the third quarter of 2023 in the labels sector, in which there was a slight improvement in performances thanks to the resistance of the end-use sectors and in the food industry in particular. An overall vision enriched with data was presented by Alessandro Rigo, Assografici Study Centre Manger, which enabled a deeper look into a number of forecasts for 2024, in which there is expected to be a +0.5% in GDP and other positive signals half-way through the year, when the Central European Bank could reduce interest rates as far as to 4%, while it is expected that inflation will drop to a sustainable +2.1%, in additional to a recovery in exports of +2.3%.

Photograph of a sector, between institutional greetings, legal insights and technical considerations

Other contributions included greetings from the Gipea President, Elisabetta Brambilla, and the Secretary, Italo Vailati, who presented a focus on legislative updates linked to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation; updates by Marco Battaglia, Assografici Work Area Manager, for a focus on the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Graphics and Paper Converting Industries; a technical analysis by Giorgio Fabbri Corsarini and Piero Pozzi, of the Colorgraf Technical Assistance Department, on the updating of the 2023 Pantone Formula Guide.

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