Cimbria | interpack 2023

Hall 3 - F45 | SEA.IQ: state-of-the-art optical sorter

SEA.IQ is a new highly advanced solution which, thanks to a vision system equipped with the most sophisticated optic technology, is the jewel in the crown of Made in Cimbria sorting.

Fitted with standard equipment, SEA.IQ guarantees extremely high-level performances for diverse uses, being particularly effective in the food, seed and grain sectors, given the need to identify infinitesimal differences in the colour and chemical structure of every single grain. SEA.IQ assesses numerous parameters, deriving from simultaneous multi-frequency readings and manages to distinguish between different types of products, guaranteeing an absolute quality of output at the speed of a thousand scans per minute. It recognises millions of colours, but most of all, reads what the human eye is unable to see, thanks to video cameras that operate in the infra-red spectrum. In this way, it not only detects visible impurities and extraneous objects, but excludes bacteria, toxins, fungi and other contaminants with extremely high precision.

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