Coesia at Achema 2024


The Group presents the latest solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Coesia, a global leader in advanced industrial and packaging solutions, will present innovative solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing at Achema 2024, scheduled for 10th to 14th June at Messe Frankfurt. At hall 3.0, booth D73, Coesia will be represented by Enflex, FlexLink, GF, Hapa, MGS and Norden. The exhibition invites industry professionals to explore technologies addressing the complexities of pharmaceutical production.

At Achema, Coesia showcases a suite of advanced technologies designed to optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes:

Linear Bag Inspection Machine (LBI) by GF: This machine not only performs thorough inspections with high-resolution cameras and robotic handling but also features a design optimized for efficient use in restricted spaces, significantly enhancing operational agility.

Blisterjet Agile by Hapa: This system facilitates precise late-stage customization ofblister packaging utilizing advanced digital printing technology capable of handling both spot and full-color (CMYK) projects. Thus, it increases flexibility and reduces time to market. The integrated vision inspection system ‘Vision Secure’ controls the print quality at a high level.

Robotic Sorter Ring by FlexLink: This innovative system integrates precision robotics with advanced conveyor solutions, providing exceptional accuracy in product sorting and buffering, which is critical for high-throughput production environments.

Packaging Automation Solutions by MGS: These systems are engineered to support seamless secondary packaging processes, with an emphasis on modular design to accommodate future scalability and integration within diverse production lines.

PHS-65 by Enflex: Designed for high-efficiency production of stick packs, this multilane equipment not only meets rigorous industry standards but also incorporates advanced features for optical character verification and recognition, enhancing both throughput and compliance.

PH-11 by Enflex: This sachet machine is recognized for its operational flexibility and hygiene, supporting pharmaceutical powdered products in a GMP-compliant environment with features that facilitate rapid changeovers and enhance traceability.

NM 902 by Norden: Renowned for its precision and adaptability, the NM 902 tube filling machine is engineered to reduce downtime and maintenance, offering features that support a wide range of tube sizes and specifications, making it an invaluable asset for companies looking to optimize their packaging lines.


Digital innovation and customer-centric services

Coesia Digital is a comprehensive approach that integrates advanced digital platforms and customer-centric services to drive operational excellence. Platforms such as OptiMate, PerforMate, UltiMate, and HyperMate enhance machine interaction, real-time monitoring, AI-driven optimization, and full-scale manufacturing operations management. Coesia Digital enables our solutions to deliver maximum efficiency and value.

Moreover, Coesia’s customer service strategies are embedded throughout its offerings, providing proactive and continuous support from project inception through routine operations. This approach helps optimize overall equipment effectiveness and minimizes total cost of ownership, ensuring customers derive the utmost value from their investments.


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