From "hello robotics", help for every need

In recent years, the growth of the pharmaceutical sector has been considerable, as has the complexity achieved by production systems.

Reliability and precision are, in this sense, indispensable characteristics that robotics can fully meet through the different possible uses: from pick&place to the handling of medicines or parapharmaceuticals to their palletizing, in addition to drug production and quality control... all while respecting safety and hygiene standards, which would probably not be equally guaranteed by the continuous presence of operators. In addition to hygienic factors, productivity is essential for the pharmaceutical sector, due to the high volumes of work and very fast turnaround times.

Again, the implementation of robots within the production facility allows for increased effectiveness and efficiency, while eliminating low-value-added repetitive tasks typically performed by humans. 

Based on these considerations of trends and markets, PRL Tecnosoft - a historic manufacturer of conveying and handling equipment - inaugurated an in-house robotics division, “hello robotics”, last year.

Indeed, the Brescia-based company decided to integrate and apply different types of robots, each capable of meeting a variety of needs. For example, cobots (collaborative robots) are integrated to give help in casing, palletizing, pick-and-place and machine servicing operations; anthropomorphic robots, in addition to the operations already mentioned, are preferred for assembly activities, allowing further improvement in productivity, while Delta robots are mainly used for diverting, sorting and unifying products.

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