Bormioli Luigi shares commitments of StellaMcCartney skincare

When creating her first skincare line with LVMH’s Perfumes & Cosmetics division, Stella McCartney made no concessions on her convictions: “to use only what is necessary, taking care of myself and the planet.” Bormioli Luigi rose to the challenge with bottles and jars that are practical, beautiful and sustainable.

Launched in the fall, the skincare line is made up of three products in various sizes: Reset Cleanser, Alter-Care Serum and Restore Cream moisturizer. Pioneer of sustainable and ethical fashion, Stella McCartney wants to offer the selective beauty market a new, more sustainable option, named Alter-Care. This new range of natural, vegan, effective and sustainable skincare was developed in partnership with LVMH’s beauty division. Each step in the product life cycle was studied in order to minimize its environmental impact: the formulas are natural, clean, vegan, cruelty free. Moreover, the packaging is both recyclable and refillable.

Alter-Care Serum and the Restore moisturizing cream, are travel-friendly and refillable. On top of this, the refill itself doubles up as a standalone on-the-go product, a revolution in the packaging world. For both serum and cream, the brand did everything in its power to facilitate dual usage.

When empty, the pouch and cap can be recycled in their respective recycling streams, while the pump kit and bottle or jar can be reused indefinitely. Turnkey model or custom design, Bormioli Luigi manufactures the jar and bottles with up to 15% recycled content. The challenge consists of guaranteeing the small dimension of the opening and a depth allowing the refill to fit easily into the jar or bottle and the pump to screw on.

In 2023, the brand intends to boost its eco-design efforts. It anticipates using Bormioli Luigi’s industrial solutions to offer recycled glass content levels of up to 40%.

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