Bosch Rexroth Italia: 70 years in an archive to be shared

Among the major global suppliers in the drive and control technology sector (its recent solutions relate to Connected Hydraulics, Transforming Mobile Machines and Open.Limitless.Connected Factory Automation), Bosch Rexroth contributes to the sustainable development of machines, plant and production environments.

The story of an enterprise

On 15 March, Bosch Rexroth Italia celebrated 70 years in Italy: a story that mirrors the exciting journey of Italian industrial development and of the technologies that have supported it, from the 1950s of the economic boom, to the digital revolution and the Industry 5.0 transition according to the “We move. You Win” business approach.

With the aim of preserving and enhancing this long and extraordinary journey, in 2023 the company set up the Bosch Rexroth Italia Historical Archive ( besides paper documentation, it also contains designs, products, videos and photographs that testify to the role played by the company in promoting the innovation of the leading brands of Italian industry.

Below is a summary of the main milestones

  • Foundation and early years: 1954 -1961 (Introduction of oleodynamics in Italy, spread of an engineering culture)
  • The economic boom and great expansion: 1962-1971 (Alongside the development of Italian industry)
  • Entry of the Rexroth group and the new Cernusco site: 1971-1975 (Italian creativity and German technology)
  • Broadening of the technological portfolio and large-scale applications: 1976-2000 (New technologies, new designs)
  • The arrival of Bosch and consolidation of the leadership: 2001-2017 (Multi-technological integrated solutions)
  • We move You Win: 2017- today (Driving the digital transformation)

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