Wine: goodbye to old labels


Brindo is the digital labelling service for the wine sector developed by GS1 Italy Servizi in order to respond effectively to new regulations

The extension period granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests for adapting labels of wine and aromatised products to the standards prescribed by European Regulation no. 2021/2117 ended on 8 March. All wines on sale in Italy will have to provide a list of ingredients, disclose the presence of any allergens (such as sulphates) and report the nutritional declaration, information that requires more space than in the past.

Brindo enables the insertion in the labels of an QRcode that links to a web portal on which wine producers can provide the information relating to each single bottle, updating it automatically.

Brindo is also easy to use for consumers as it makes it possible to immediately access the product’s certified information by framing the QR code with their smartphone’s photo-camera and without having to install an app.

The service has already been adopted by dozens of Italian wineries.

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