Sidel Joins R-Cycle

By adopting R-Cycle, the open traceability standard for sustainable plastic packaging, Sidel is helping to support the circular economy.

Sidel has joined R-Cycle, the community for the development of digital traceability of plastic packaging. Initiated two years ago by a number of European companies in the sector, the initiative involves the adoption of “digital passports” in order to facilitate end-of-life sorting and recycling processes on a global scale. Access to accurate information about source materials helps optimize production, while recording product characteristics increases the value provided to consumers.

«Sidel recently joined R-Cycle because it wants to make a major contribution to the implementation of the circular economy,” explained Francesca Bellucci, Sustainability Portfolio Director, Product Innovation and Marketing at Sidel. “R-Cycle’s global standard connects partners involved in the life cycle of plastic packaging in every part of the world and allows all relevant packaging characteristics to be recovered and recorded, with enormous benefits for product sustainability. This will improve production processes and the quality of recyclable materials, enabling the implementation of a true circular economy».

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