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What is it. Waterproof corrugated cardboard solution ideal for the dairy sector, customizable and ecological, recyclable into paper waste. Its shape and structure favor arrangement on pallets so as to take up minimal space during transport, delivery and storage compared to traditional packaging.

Manufacturing material. Corrugated cardboard laminated with PET.

Accessibility focus. Stackability allows you to save over 3 times the space compared to traditional packaging. It is ready for use because it is delivered with the bottom already glued and the closing system is made up of a locking flap and the handles necessary for transport, which guarantee a very quick and intuitive assembly experience that does not require any type of tape or adhesive label. In this way, handling and counter management times are reduced by over 80% when compared with the packaging currently in use. The reopening and possible subsequent re-closing system "suggests" the behavior to the user, thanks to the slot and avoids the problem of "frustration" because it is extremely rapid, intuitive and free of any waste material, such as tapes or adhesive labels, unlike what currently happens.

Technology. Thermoforming for the r-PET tray and film extrusion for the top film.

Product and potential markets. Dairy products, in general wet supply chains.

Design. Square and rectangular shape, flared to allow stackability. Solution subjected to the ATICELCA method certified with level A, H2OBOX® is a valid alternative to the difficult-to-recycle polystyrene solutions currently on the market.

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