“Pharma-grade” sustainability for innovative products 

What’s new at Bormioli Pharma. Let’s start with the launch of EcoPositive, brand new label gathering all the sustainable packaging solutions manufactured by the company packaging for the pharma industry, already available on an industrial scale; these are 3 different ranges of low-impact packaging solutions, consistent with 3 different sustainability strategies:

  • Regenerate - glass and plastic packaging recycled from first-choice waste collection;
  • Renew - bioplastic packaging derived from renewable sources;
  • Reloop - glass and advanced polymer products made from infinitely reusable materials.

Recently Bormioli Pharma has presented innovative product concepts, among which the PE packaging solution for oral solid drugs DriTube, guaranteeing the drugs’ therapeutical efficiency over time thanks to a long-lasting, active layer able to minimize moisture.

Ergonomically shaped and easy-to-use, the container can be opened with one hand, while its pocket-size favors an on-the-go use of the product.

DriTube is designed to ensure maximum safety, since it is supplied with the flip-top cap closed for the safeguard of the internal environment, it can be easily opened for the filling operation, enabling leaner and safer industrial processes. Once closed after filling, the tamper-evident system activates to prevent counterfeiting.

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