Extra-rigid aluminum containers

Contital offers the solution for responsible food delivery

Preparing great ready-to-eat meals for food delivery is not enough if the packaging with which they are sold is not functional, attractive and above all sustainable. This is being demanded by increasingly responsible and discerning consumers, who are demanding from retailers an attention to detail that is no longer solely and exclusively about the recipes they cook but also about the packaging that contains them.

Analyzing these new trends, Contital has further expanded its Smoothwall range of extra-rigid aluminum containers, designed especially for the deli market. The three formats-AS 220500 (1 serving), AS 220578 (1 large serving) and AS 221000 (2 servings)-are designed primarily to meet the needs of customers who are particularly careful to buy the right amount based on personal needs and to combat food waste.

The Smoothwall range is available with specific lids made of recyclable material, specially made to ensure safe food transportation, or can be sealed with heat-sealable film. The Contital range is also available in bare and white/terracotta versions, as well as in the elegant black/gold lacquer (Eclipse range), made to enhance the most elaborate and refined dishes. The trays can be placed in both the refrigerator and freezer to store uneaten food, and can be used to further reheat food in the traditional oven and microwave. In addition to combating food waste, they are also eco-friendly as they are 100% and infinitely recyclable.

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