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Block Bag®

What is it. High barrier flexible laminate bag with seals on all the edges (on the sides and at the base) that give the package elegance and stability. The laminate is a 100% polyethylene mono-material with barrier lacquer, one-way degassing valve, zipper and label guaranteeing protection of the opening area.

Accessibility focus. Resealable zipper.

Manufacturing material. 3-ply mono-material 100% polyethylene.

Technology. Digital printing, converting and packaging on automatic VFFS line.

Product and potential markets. Coffee beans, but it can be used to pack any product in pieces or powder.

Design. A simple but revolutionary solution because it is obtained through an automatic packaging process on a VFFS line starting from a reel. Bag formation and filling take place at the same time. The characteristic sealings of the packaging guarantees elegance and stability and allows a 360° customization of the graphics.

Sustainability. The material used is 100% polyethylene which, while guaranteeing high barrier properties and the same machineability performance as standard materials, can be recycled in accordance with the legislation of the country where it is disposed of.

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