Artfully and cheerfully ennobled

If, for some, chocolate is a devouring passion*, for Venchi it means giving moments of joy and celebration, but above all the experience of a true made in Italy. These are the concepts at the heart of the design of the gift packs created this year, for which Luxoro has brought its expertise in ennobling to bear.

With more than 140 years of history, Piedmont-based Venchi boasts uncommon international recognition: with 350 chocolate recipes and 90 flavors of ice cream, it presides over 70 countries in key cities such as London, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, Jakarta, Shanghai and Tokyo under the banner of beauty, cheerfulness and conviviality, it has been able to transform “made in Italy” into “experienced like in Italy.”

An industry benchmark brand, then, that has made chocolate an art and a way of life.   Every year it presents several limited-edition capsule collections around the world, expressing the Italian soul of the brand and narrating the product through sustainable packaging inspired by colors and art. Indeed, the choice of a playful style, with bright colors and selected materials, refer to the recognized characteristics of our country, welcoming, warm and cheerful...

The style of creativity

From an idea of Alf Creative Agency, therefore, two limited edition packs were born that tell of the typically Italian exuberance and generosity, through a choice of colors that are both bright and warm, fundamental ingredients for conveying a sense of bursting welcome.

Luxoro has therefore ennobled the two packs at the center of the 2022 campaign - “Pack Barocco Tavoletta Promo 2022” and “Pack Speciale Alf - Luxoro” - with metallized effects that partially cover the surface, making the four-color overprinting very multifaceted: pearly and shiny on the metallization and very natural in the strokes without the metallization.

The advantages of partial metallization are clearly visible in both solutions, as they provide an eclectic and varied optical effect. The reserve points free from the ennoblement can also be exploited to provide the data and technical information of the product.

Barocco: gold and flowers without overlooking the product

The star of the “Barocco Tavoletta Promo 2022” pack is a floral motif, ennobled with a base of cold-applied gold, which offers a pearlescent, glitzy and original result, but does not forget the brand’s tradition, which is always clearly visible in the center of the pack.
There are also embossed reliefs on the packaging, particularly on the central logo and some of the lettering, while the ribbon on either side of the brand name is ennobled with a texture, also embossed, that creates small tactile details. This chocolate bar is part of a global omnichannel promotion, planned from September 2022: those who buy three Venchi products will in fact get the Barocco pack for free.

Alf - Luxoro: digital metallization and high-tech silver

For the special “Alf - Luxoro” pack, which represents a typical Italian scene of neighborhood life, digital metallization was chosen instead, with silver applied on some parts by means of DM-SMARTLINER, one of the latest technologies developed by Kurz for digital ennobling (remember by the way that Luxoro is the exclusive dealer of Kurz solutions in Italy, Ed.).

Also in this case it was possible to overprint the silver with colors and graphics to which, subsequently, some embossed structures were added on the figures and logo to give body to the scene. As with the Baroque Pack, the ribbon features an embossed texture that adds golden details.

When technology meets taste (and respects the environment)

The decorative techniques proposed by Luxoro, namely cold ennobling and digital ennobling finished with embossed and textured structures, were deemed suitable to add “an extra touch” to the two Venchi packs, which inherently invite celebration and sharing. After all, ennobling is itself synonymous with beauty, and in these two projects it succeeds in expressing its full potential.

The success of the project is the result of the synergy created between the different partners, a fundamental element in developing unusual, appealing and, it should not be forgotten, entirely sustainable packs: in fact, the ennobling products used on the paper-based packs do not affect at all the recyclability and compostability requirements of the decorated substrate.

* “Cioccolato, la passione divorante”, Sandra Boynton, editore Rizzoli, 1987.

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