Luxury Packaging 2024

Materials and trends in selective packaging

Refined and exclusive, the materials developed for high-end packaging have by now adopted the ethical codes of sustainability. And this without losing the power to evoke, to stimulate an always different, unique and captivating sensorial experience.

We talked about this with a number of producers we met in Munich at the last edition of Luxe Pack, who clearly outlined the directions along which they intend to develop business at an international level.

  • Luxury Packaging 2024 | Favini

    Mar 11, 2024
    With a centuries-long history behind it, for the last 30 years Favini has been working for sustainability, offering luxury paper to the market with high percentages of recycled content and innovative raw materials, capable of intercepting the requirements of the high-end sector in terms of appearance, experience and feel.
  • Luxury Packaging 2024 | Guala Closures

    Mar 08, 2024
    Guala Closures has been guaranteeing product protection since the 1950s with its solutions, from the first patented non-refillable closure models to tamper-evident closures for the spirits market.
  • Luxury Packaging 2024 | Sappi Europe

    Mar 07, 2024
    As Lars Scheidweiler, Head of Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe declares « luxury and environmental consciousness are not mutually exclusive when it comes to packaging.
  • Luxury Packaging 2024 | Ecofoam Nature

    Mar 07, 2024
    100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable injection molded packaging solution that guarantees high quality in the definition of shapes and surfaces.
  • Luxury Packaging 2024 | Fontana Grafica

    Mar 06, 2024
    As is now the case for all manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials, and also the case for Winter & Company - of which Fontana Grafica is its partner in Italy - sustainability is a central theme in product development.
  • Luxury Packaging 2024 | Crealis Group

    Mar 06, 2024
    Present at Luxe Pack 2023, the brand is recognized for the quality of its products, in which the search for new materials is combined with creativity and premium positioning, without forgetting sustainability.

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