60 well-preserved years

It’s an important milestone for Karr Italiana which, in reaching 60 years of age, celebrates its particular characteristics, the fruit of constant evolution and maximum attention to the needs of customers.

Its extensive experience acquired in the field of volumetric dosing systems for dense and pasty liquid products intended for various industrial sectors (food, cosmetic, chemical…) represents, today, the best possible guarantee of quality and reliability of the solutions proposed. Karr’s 60 years tell of a story of success, began long ago in 1963 and destined to evolve further, thanks to its strong presence in the Italian market and to constant growth at international level.

The objective is to continue with tailored, flexible, sophisticated and economically advantageous products, constructed with expertise, the fruit of constant Research & Development. The solutions offered by Karr Italiana include semi-automatic volumetric dosers, single or multiple dosing units and applications on automatic lines, and special nozzles for dosing products with also large-size pieces. The range of dosage covered by the volumetric units and machines goes from 0.5 cc up to 5000 cc; the control of the quantity discharged is simple and precise, as is the adjustment of product delivery and suction speed. Extensive flexibility is offered, with interchangeable accessories able to meet the needs of both small and large-scale productions.

Strengthening Karr’s reputation as a point of reference in the food sector, we would like to point out that that the dosing machines are made entirely of stainless steel, with over-run for washing in C.I.P and parts in contact with the product made in 316L stainless steel.

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