High-end labelling for cylindrical pharmaceutical products

Pharma Flexi is an automatic system for the high-speed and precision labelling of vials, bottles, carpules, syringes and devices, which incorporates the most recent evolutions of Etipack systems dedicated to pharmaceutical labelling.

Its point of strength lies in the perfect combination of labelling speed, ease of format change and possibility of integration. Pharma Flexi is, in fact, able to label up to 400 pieces a minute at very high-quality thanks to the maximum levels of precision and control in application and waste management.

The modular system also makes it possible to handle different formats. Equipped with rotatory movement, it guarantees greater stability in the management of products and meets the needs both of the line and of stand-alone production. Pharma Flexi offers high autonomy and flexibility also in terms of the control of functions and inspection and maintenance operations.

The innovative control panel, designed according to GMP guidelines, allows for a wide range of possibilities for consultation and verification of specific operational functions, as well as the management of maintenance operations.

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