Fabbri Group | IPACK-IMA 2022

Gruppo Fabbri develops the business in the packaging valley of Emilia, but has been aiming for years to position itself as an entity committed to the fronts of innovation and sustainability.

«The IPACK-IMA stage allows us to illustrate, with live demos dedicated to various types of wrapping machines, the reasons for the Italian and European success of Nature Fresh, certified compostable film produced in hundreds of tons and tens of thousands of reels of film and awarded 6 times as the best Sustainable Innovation in the packaging sector. We will also give special visibility to CAVECO, a historic brand in Italy and abroad, our flagship for heat-sealing and seaming. We are perfecting the synergy of these new automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines with our “lid” films and finalizing a 100% compostable packaging solution also for MAP. There will also be Elixa and Automac wrapping machines and all our traditional films, biobased and compostable, neutral and printed, for stretch and protective atmosphere».

Stefano Mele, Chief Executive Officer

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