Laser coding on natureflex™ compostable films

The range of renewable and compostable films developed by Futamura can now be laser coded, thus expanding the communication capabilities of the packaging towards consumers, aware of the special nature of the packaging purchased.

The development is the result of collaboration with Domino Printing Sciences (Domino), a world leading global developer and manufacturer in the field of coding, marking and printing technologies.

After launching in 2002, Futamura’s NatureFlex™ film range has been adopted by many brands for various types of everyday consumer goods (from fresh produce to tea and coffee, from sweets to cereal bars and personal care). The materials are designed to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging: not only they derive from renewable cellulose, but also meet all global standards for industrial composting, including BS EN13432, and are certified as domestic compostable materials.

Domino’s evaluation of NatureFlex™ compostable flexible films has shown that excellent laser coding is possible: a clean and crisp white code has been obtained on all films, while leaving ample scope for brand owner to easily add simple codes, such as expiration dates and batch codes, as well as more complex designs and messages, including 2D graphics and codes to be scanned.

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