Cigno®, a plug & play tray sealer

G. Mondini S.p.A. and Lenze: a winning combination that has given rise to a compact, accessible machine able to guarantee high-level functions and performance for the food sector.

In 2023, Italian packaging machinery turnover exceeded the 9 billion €, mark by 6% with a solid 80% export growth. The world of food packaging is going through a phase of unprecedented transformation driven by several factors: growing consumer needs, environmental pressures, and technological innovation. Companies that can respond to new needs in the evolving food packaging market are the ones that will have a competitive advantage. A clear example is G. Mondini S.p.a., which has adopted a future-oriented vision since its foundation and has emerged as a world leader in offering solutions for the packaging of food products.

Mondini has introduced Cigno®, a new generation compact automatic tray sealer (50% reduction in space previously used), ideal for packaging in the food industry with high productivity and ease of use. Simple design and construction for a long-lasting result suitable for all environments, from supermarkets to line production.

“Plug and Play” is Paolo Mondini’s simple and effective comment on a machine that is accessible to all and guarantees a wide range of functions and performance.

Performance ensured by Lenze components

Cigno is engineered with Lenze components and results from a solid and well-established partnership between the two family-owned companies.

Lenze is a leading automation specialist, focusing on the design of efficient and sustainable processes in production and material flow and offering a complete digital and automation system based on:

  • Open and recognised platforms such as O.S. Linux, Codesys 3 programming tool and Ethercat; - v450 Web Panel, whose greater flexibility compared to the classic HMI takes the operator interface closer to the more intuitive smartphones, in line with the new Industry 4.0 trends. Reduction of cabling thanks to Power over Ethernet technology;
  • C520 controllers integrate visualisation, PLC and Motion functions in a single hardware, guaranteeing performance with sophisticated architectures and applications;
  • i750 multi-axis servoinverter creates advanced motion, safety and IIoT functions, reducing space and wiring thanks to One Cable Technology with high-quality standards;
  • MCS servo and gear motors for numerous applications up to high powers, reducing the variants and, consequently, the spare parts. Hygienic design machine, Cigno is servo-driven to obtain 25 cycles/min in Gas Flush condition and 15 cycles/minby Vacuum and consequent increase in production: 35% faster packaging process while maintaining the consistency of the shape and appearance of the packages.

A successful partnership

G. Mondini and Lenze combine innovation, quality and sustainability towards eco-friendly solutions with waste reduction. Recyclable materials, 40% reduction of top web film vs traditional skin pack machines, 50% decrease of carbon footprint and 100% top film utilisation with zero waste. Mondini recently celebrated 50 years of activity and has chosen Lenze’s automation solutions for its cutting-edge packaging tools that meet the needs of consumers and… the planet.

Qualities and advantages of the Cigno® heat-sealing machine according to Lenze

Filippo Marabelli, Technical Segment Manager - Automation Systems and Digital: «Cigno is an efficient, versatile, and high-performance machine. Codesys platform, EtherCAT protocol, Motion controller on Linux operating system and Web Visu are the technologies made available by Lenze to achieve this goal». Marco Martelli, Sales Area Director: «Cigno is the perfect union of technology and ease of use. The automation based on the Lenze platform is “Plug and Play” flexible and especially user-friendly».


G. Mondini S.p.a. is a family company founded in the heart of Franciacorta. It is a world leader in the production of dosing and packaging lines for food products such as Findus, Esselunga, Lavazza, and Kraft. «Always attentive to provide better and more appropriate solutions» are the words of Giovanni Mondini, who, in 1972, together with his wife Iole, created a solid reference point in food packaging in Italy and abroad. It is a success story resulting from commitment, technological research, and full synergy with their customers, which continues with his sons Paolo and Melisenda. Mondini bases its offer on three pillars: reliability, quality and efficiency. Mondini is present with more than 16,000 machines worldwide and 150 employees in the production plant in Cologne (BS).


Lenze is a world leader in the industrial automation sector and provides technologies for designing modern and sustainable production systems. With over 75 years of experience, it offers automation solutions and works alongside its customers to create machines and systems. Thanks to critical skills in electrical design, advanced software and a flexible automation platform, Lenze supports its customers in the digitalization of systems and the optimization of the life cycle of machines, achieving increased energy efficiency and the consequent cost reduction. Lenze offers high-quality mechatronic packages, complete systems (hardware and software) for machine automation and digital services for the enterprise. The Lenze Group, headquartered in Aerzen, Germany, employs more than 4,000 people worldwide and is represented in more than 45 countries.

Lenze at SPS Italia (Parma, 28-30 May 2024, Hall 6, Stand J 012)

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