LENZE | interpack 2023

Hall 6 - D50 | Motec decentralized inverters set new digital and energy efficiency standards

Lenze has applied the most advanced technologies and total connectivity in the new Motec i550 and i650 inverters. The drives work as efficient sensors within the system, collecting data and forwarding them quickly and reliably to IIoT platforms and upper level systems according to the strictest standards. The data analysed in real time open the way to condition monitoring and to predictive maintenance.

Motec’s connectivity accelerates and facilitates production processes. The new inverters can easily control synchronous motors in sensorless mode. In addition, thanks to the integrated regeneration unit, the braking energy is fed into the network automatically without additional components and costs. The compact drive package consisting of gearbox, motor and inverter is particularly efficient from an energy point of view, guaranteeing a minimal CO2 footprint for its application.

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