A dynamic and engaging QR code

With a carefully studied approach, the QR code has the ability to enhance the marketing strategies of any brand, promoting customer loyalty. Massimo Cavazzini, Sales Director of Markem-Imaje South Europe, explains how and why.

With the wide choice of alternative brands on the market, implementing a competitive marketing strategy is essential for guaranteeing lasting loyalty to your brand. Despite the growing use of QR codes on product packaging, companies often miss opportunities that could transform their brand from a one-off to a long-term choice.

An effective vehicle for communicating information about the traceability, sustainability, history and background of a brand, the QR code can offer many other advantages aimed at gaining the customer’s attention. Among these, there is so-called “gamification”, that is, the methodology that uses play to favour emotional engagement: collecting points to obtain free products or reduced prices, prizes, etc. …

To be effective, the inclusion of QR codes on a product requires a well though-out strategy and the key, as always, is personalisation. A well-conceived QR code provides fundamental information on the profile and personality of the customer, making it possible to convey content targeted to specific interests.

Its strategic value is, therefore, in transforming a product into a further point of sale where to send offers, launch exclusive products and personalised initiatives on the basis of the target. Markem Imaje’s Blue Bite brand, a pioneer for over 15 years in the field of smart intelligent solutions, has been conceived precisely for this purpose. The aim is to create dynamic digital experiences through physical objects in order to connect brands and consumers.

Replacing the traditional static online pages with contents generated through advanced logic and artificial intelligence, the user is involved in an interactive way, promoting loyalty. With the Smart Products platform, brands can communicate digitally with consumers where and when they want through a simple scan, collecting precious data for the analysis and planning of marketing strategies.

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