From Research to the Shelf - July/August 2023

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Plumcake takes on a new look

Available in two versions (chocolate and apple), the range offered by the Verona-based company, Bauli, is offered to consumers with AIC certification and the customary Spiga Barrata mark, representing an alternative in the “free from” market: not only gluten-free, but also without flavourings, preservatives and colourings.

To set the seal on the change, the packaging has a new graphic design, which immediately leads the consumer to the brand, highlighting the main characteristic: Bauli Plumcakes are Gluten-Free. The product and its ingredients are highlighted and clearly visible on the front and on the back, together with the Bauli logo. In addition, the iconic lilac colour of the entire new pack makes it even more striking and visible on the shop shelf.

100 % Italian bacon without waste

Launched in 2022, and winner in the “pancetta” category in the “Prodotto dell’Anno 2023” (Product of the year 2023) contest, Citterio’s Bacon naturally smoked with beech wood is 100% Italian, and is packaged in an 80-gramme tray with 8 slices in two compartments that can be opened separately to guarantee freshness and to reduce waste.

With its bacon, Citterio has aimed at intercepting an expanding market, thanks to new lifestyles and eating habits that see brunches, savoury breakfasts and hamburgers among the meals experiencing growth in Italian families. The result is an innovative solution, which combines quality, made in Italy and packaging design with a zero-waste pack, to preserve a careful selection of the best raw materials.

Note. Recognition as “Product of the Year” is assigned after a survey of product innovation, carried out in Italy by Circana and involving over 12,000 consumers interviewed on-line. The statistically representative sample is composed of individuals and Internet users, over 15 years-old (adults for the alcohol category) selected according to the demographic parameters of the Italian population, that is, sex, age, geographical area and dimension of the urban area of origin. The winner of each category is the product/line or service that among the participants obtains the highest average score with respect to the satisfaction and innovation parameters, always at the centre of consumers’ choices, especially women and young people who show a strong tendency towards the experimentation of new products, without forgetting Italianness, healthiness and traceability (purchase drivers for food categories).

Luxury line of tin capsules

The wavy and irregular shape design, different for each capsule, recalls the appearance of sealing wax: a “timeless” touch, which recalls quality bottling tradition. “Time” is precisely the name of Crealis’s new tin capsule, which is now launched in Italy among the premium offers of the international group specialized in closure solutions.

The latest innovation of Rivercap, the Spanish company of the group, “Tempo”, is the evolution in a luxury version of the capsule for wines and spirits: in pure tin, a noble and malleable material, it adapts perfectly to the bottle neck, and is made in a single piece without joints. Widely used in Spain for high-end wines, the tin capsules stand out for their malleability and resistance to ageing, representing a seal of guarantee in the bottle opening ritual.

The Pure Tin-certified capsules are fully recyclable and decorated with water-based inks. 100% of the non-decorated waste is reused, while the decorated part is sent to a recycling centre.

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