Henkel Italy | Best Packaging 2022

Bimaterial packaging for caps
forward-looking | sustainable

What it is. The new packaging for the Dixan Discs, Dixan Power Caps and Bio Presto Power Caps product lines combines the strengths of two materials to improve their environmental performance. A thermoformed PP bucket, designed to protect the water-soluble caps from humidity features the use of post-consumer recycled material. The packs are wrapped in a band of recycled cardboard, which not only serves an aesthetic function but also provides structural reinforcement. The cardboard is easily removable from the PP body to allow an optimal recycling of the two materials.

Materials. PP/rPP for the body. Recycled one-side coated cardboard for the decorative band.

Product or target market. All product lines aimed at household use for laundry in the washing machine.

Design and/or communication. The design proposes an unconventional shape with a radiused front. The use of wraparound cardboard allows for the all-round decoration of the packs. A cut/half-cut opening strip on the side of the cardboard, with clear indications, allows the paper and plastic parts to be separated before segregated collection. The packaging is therefore destined, due to its type, to a virtuous disposal and invites the consumer to naturally collaborate in the same.

Technology. PP body: thermoforming. One-side coated cardboard band: printing and die-cutting. 

Sustainability. The packaging is 100% recyclable and the use of the cardboard band, made of 90% recycled fibers, has enabled the amount of plastic used to be reduced, also acting as a structural reinforcement to the PP container that has been lightened as much as possible. The latter, once separated, can be reused in different ways, becoming, for example, seed or plant pots. The packaging is free of label residues, similar to a traditional pot, contributing with a happy reuse to absorb CO2 through the cultivation of plants. 

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