Best Packaging 2022

best packaging 2022

  • The winners of the Best Packaging awards

    May 12, 2022
    At IPACK-IMA, sustainable innovation was the key theme of a special event that saw the unveiling of the Foundation’s Algorithm, as well as the Best Packaging 2022 winners.
  • Environment + Technology & Ethics

    Apr 22, 2022
    Organized by Packaging Meeting Srl and promoted by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, this year in partnership with Conai and Ipack-Ima 2022, this edition of the Best Packaging contest focuses on Environment and Technology.
  • IMA Ilapak with Planet Farms | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    Recyclable block bottom stand-up bags in FSC® paper for leaf salads produced by Planet Farms, leader in the vertical farming sector. The bag is made with an IMA Ilapak vertical packaging line.
  • ICO Srl | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    CLOSì is a corrugated cardboard packaging system with an anti-tampering closure system incorporated in the design of the box itself.
  • HIPAC | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    Manufactured in ultra-thin 9 µm thickness, 555 stretch film is used for manual packaging of goods on pallets as a replacement for traditionally used products in 17 µm thickness.
  • Henkel Italy | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    The new packaging for the Dixan Discs, Dixan Power Caps and Bio Presto Power Caps product lines combines the strengths of two materials to improve their environmental performance.
  • Gruppo Bonterre | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    The display is a unique piece in corrugated cardboard, with a front window and pre-cuts that favor the tearing on the point of sale allowing the visibility of the trays on the shelf.
  • Goglio SpA | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    The pillow UP® pouch created by Goglio’s R&D team is the evolved version of the pouch already successfully introduced on the market and applied to tomato preserves, to which the dispenser cap for liquid detergent products has been added.
  • Gentlebrand Srl | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    Strictly clear 100% recycled PET bottle in 500 ml format, offering a high recyclability and a positive impact in the bottle to bottle loop.
  • CPR System S.C. | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    The new reusable crate with collapsible sides, destined for the containment of fruit and vegetables. Designed by CPR System, Redea® optimizes transport efficiency, safe delivery, reducing food waste and ensuring the excellent quality of products at the point of sale.
  • Finpesca SpA | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    Tray with modified atmosphere packaging for fish products realized in biopolymer biodegradable and compostable following EN 13432 standard.
  • Esseoquattro SpA | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    Envelope made of grease-proof brown kraft paper designed to easily and safely pack, cook and heat different kind of food, such as sandwiches, toast, fried food.
  • C.C.M. Coop Cartai Modenese | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    Paper and biopolymer tray and closing film. BeBio® System is an Italian Patent Pending packaging system for the preservation and reheating of food, consisting of a cardboard tray with a biopolymer coating and a paper closing film also coated with biopolymer.
  • Esselunga SpA | Best Packaging 2022

    Apr 01, 2022
    Package and insert made of FSC pure cellulose board with opaque outer coating and golden inner or outer coating and antifog polypropylene window.

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