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The Best Packaging 2022 contest has reached its final phase.

And, once again, it amazes for the number and quality of the packaging solutions in competition - prototypes, already marketed or in the process of industrialization in the year 2021 - evaluated according to the criteria of innovation related to the improvement of the environmental impact of packaging but also of the technological solutions adopted to improve the performance of packaging.

Organized by Packaging Meeting Srl and promoted by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, this year in partnership with CONAI and IPACK-IMA 2022, this edition of the Best Packaging contest focuses on Environment and Technology.

And with this, it intends to enhance two types of innovation: on the one hand, solutions that stand out for environmental prevention and circularity according to the eco-design levers recommended by Conai; on the other hand, innovation in technology, according to the guidelines provided by Ipack-Ima.

In addition, a special prize is awarded by the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation to the solution that stands out for being inspired by the 10 values of the Ethical Packaging Charter.

The Jury of experts assessed the degree of ideal satisfaction with respect to the needs of people, operators and markets, based on the tools provided and on data provided by the companies taking part in the competition.

The prize award ceremony will be held on May 4, and will take place during the meeting “Sustainable innovation: from the Foundation’s algorithm to the Best Packaging” scheduled at IPACK-IMA, Hall 2, from 2.30 pm to 4 pm. Master of ceremonies, Federica Gentile, artistic director of Radio Zeta.

Following, the 30 products in competition. 


Papertray  transparent | forward-looking

Arti Grafiche Reggiani Srl

Eco - LogiKo  responsible | balanced | safe | informative | contemporary | forward-looking

Barilla G&R Fratelli SpA with Taghleef Industries

Easy opening bag  responsible | safe | accessible | transparent | informative | contemporary | sustainable

C.C.M. Coop Cartai Modenese

BeBio® System  responsible | balanced| accessible| educational| informative| contemporary


Genesys  sustainable | contemporary

Coop Italia soc. coop.

XPS poultry tray  responsible | balanced | safe | sustainable | forward looking

Coop Italia soc. coop.

Post-consumer rPET tray  responsible | balanced | safe | transparent | informative | forward-looking | educational | sustainable

CPR System S.C.

Redea®  sustainable | responsible | forward - looking | balanced | informative

Di Mauro Group

Recyflex PE  responsible | contemporary | forward-looking | sustainable

Easysnap Technology with Gualapack SpA

Papersnap®  balanced | safe | accessible | contemporary

Esselunga SpA

Packaging for Elisenda® Self Counter  responsible | educational | sustainable

Esseoquattro SpA

Paniké, Wanderlust Collection 2021  responsible | safe | contemporary | forward-looking | sustainable

Finpesca SpA

TeMaTè  responsible | safe | transparent | forward-looking | sustainable

Gentlebrand Srl

Aroma  responsible | accessible | sustainable

Goglio SpA

Mono-material pillow UP®  pouch   responsible | sustainable

Gruppo Bonterre

Unique piece display pre-cut Casa Modena  balanced | safe | accessible | contemporary | forward-looking

Gruppo X di X Gruppo Srl

Papermorphosis®  educative | sustainable | contemporary | forward-looking

Henkel Italy

Bimaterial packaging for caps  forward-looking | sustainable


Stretch film 555 NetRoll® REC60 + HandyNet  responsible | safe | accessible | transparent | contemporary | forward-looking


CLOSì  balanced | safe | accessible | transparent | informative | contemporary | sustainable

IMA Ilapak with Planet Farms

Bag in FSC® paper for leaf salads  safe | informative | sustainable

IMA SpA - BFB Division

HYWRAP20 wrapping machine  balanced | responsible | sustainable | contemporary | safe

International Paper

Circular Box  responsible | sustainable

Irplast SpA

Preglued4cans  accessible | transparent | informative | educational | sustainable

Lucy Plast

Poseidon  safe | sustainable | responsible | accessible

Raja Italia with Grifal SpA

Paper Wave by Raja  safe | responsible | sustainable

SDR Pack SpA with Maser Formaggi

Recyclable film for Pronto Mix  contemporary| sustainable

Seda International Packaging Group

Eco Fit Lid  responsible | balanced | safe | accessible | contemporary | forward-looking| sustainable

Verallia Italia

Green Jar  safe | transparent | contemporary | sustainable

Wipack Bordi Srl

Biaxop Eco XX  transparent | contemporary| sustainable

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