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What it is. Patented pallet for packaging, handling and vertical storage of reels up of to 2,000 kg. Poseidon (cm 110x110x14) is an innovative solution that guarantees the total safety of workers, high reuse in circular economy and time optimization.

Materials. PPR (100% recycled polypropylene), PSV (Plastic Second Life) certified.

Product or target market. Versatile pallet for packaging and transport of general goods in containers, it is especially designed for handling large reels of food and industrial films.

Design and/or communication. The appearance of the pallet changes according to its use: closed and completely smooth for the transport of general goods or with the innovative cylindrical cone on the platform, for centering and anchoring the reels to the pallet, it guarantees perfect stability, maximum safety and shorter packaging times. Another distinctive element is its low weight: 13 kg (-43% of material) against the 25 kg of traditional wooden and plastic pallets of equal size and performance.

Technology. After granulation with 4.0 technological systems, the PPR (polypropylene secondary raw material) is injection molded. Lucy Plast carries out both processes in-house (short supply chain).

Sustainability. Produced from 100% recycled and recyclable material (the compound also contains varying percentages of PP from industrial waste provided by users), Poseidon can be reused at least 7/8 times, as confirmed after market introduction in January 2022. Lucy Plast carries out the recovery of pallets at the end of their lifespan in order to reintroduce them into the production cycle, thus eliminating disposal costs for the user.

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