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What it is. Papertray is a recyclable tray for MAP, developed and produced by AFG Srl. Designed for solid foods and with an oxygen barrier, it can be recycled in the normal existing processes for paper. The project has obtained ATICELCA C and FSC certifications.

Materials. FSC cardboard, glue, LDPE film and EVOH.

Product or target market. Initially designed for solid foods, the changeover process and performance of the cardboard allow its use to be extended to the parapharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors as single-serving packaging. AFG is currently working on solutions for creams, oils, blisters and sauces.

Design and/or communication. The traditional plastic tray offers a transparent surface that allows you to see the product inside. Paper, on the other hand, offers a white surface that is fully printable front and back for communication, environmental and marketing purposes. In addition, paper has an intrinsic advantage: consumers understand more immediately how to recycle a predominantly paper product. 

Technology. The production process uses adhesives that are suitable for re-pulping and can be modulated to facilitate the separation of plastic and paper. It also makes it possible to reduce the plastic content of PE or similar polymers, otherwise used as adhesives in extrusion lamination processes. This technology represents an innovative platform to develop “plastic free” solutions where possible, and solutions in line with the regulatory concepts of the European UAS.

Sustainability. AFG Srl has obtained the ATICELCA C certification (which indicates the level of recyclability of materials and products with a prevalence of cellulose), using FSC certified paper. It is the company’s belief that highly technical projects such as this must be approached with transparency and clarity, also considering the average consumer and his behavior: the concept of recyclability needs transparency.

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