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Paper Wave by Raja
safe | responsible | sustainable

What it is. New protective corrugated paper ready for use. It wraps the products separating and blocking them, filling in the empty spaces inside the box and avoiding the need to add additional filling materials. Lightweight and flexible, it boasts unique cushioning properties thanks to its wave-like conformation.

Materials. 100% recycled and recyclable paper.

Product or target market. The main target sector is e-commerce where, thanks to its extreme versatility, Paper Wave by Raja can be used to wrap and protect cosmetics, glass jars (jam or honey), wine and oil bottles (individual packaging), mechanical parts and electronic components (refurbished items).

Design and/or communication. The “wave” design, modern and natural, conveys a message of sustainability, also through the customization with stylized leaves and writing “100% green”, “-70% CO2”, “Ecofriendly”, “Recyclable”. Paper Wave by Raja is havana in color with white printing on the stretched side.

Technology. cArtù® is the patented technology behind Paper Wave by Raja, which makes it possible to create corrugated cardboard with innovative characteristics, reducing by one third the amount of material required for each sheet. The production process generates waves from 10 to 20 mm high, with 50% more corrugation than traditional paperboard. Two folds are added to each corrugation to reinforce it, thus increasing the material’s strength and cushioning properties while reducing weight and paper consumption.

Sustainability. Paper Wave by Raja is made with FSC® and PEFC™ certified, recycled and recyclable papers from controlled forests. It also reduces CO2 emissions and avoids disposal issues, fitting perfectly into a circular economy.

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