Pillow: turning point for MR (Mass Retail)

With MR increasingly sensitive to the demand for sustainability from both consumers and the legislator, new ways of using paper have created room for growth.

Pillow fits into this context: developed by Pro-Gest, the large Italian Group in the paper sector, it’s a patented packaging solution intended to replace traditional plastic and polystyrene trays with 100% recycled and compostable material. It’s not a traditional paper tray, but rather, a product able to absorb liquids and oily substances deriving from fresh packaged food like vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and cheeses, avoiding the retention of liquids inside the packaging and guaranteeing high levels of food safety and the consequent shelf-life of the product.

Thanks to the absorbing capacity of the cellulose used, twelve times the weight of the same cellulose used to make the product, in “trapping” liquid substances, the Pillow tray reduces the formation of pathogenic microorganisms inside the packaging and guarantees, in this way, food preservation on a par with, if not superior to, traditional plastic and polystyrene containers, while remaining completely recyclable and compostable

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