Rotostampa develops Albatross

Rotostampa has achieved another major milestone as a result of its research and development efforts. The long-established Milan-based company specialising in rotogravure printing of flexible materials and led by the Arici family has launched Albatross, a new eco-friendly food tray that delivers superior performance to traditional plasticised cardboard solutions.

It consists of an adhesive-free thermally fused polystyrene composite film specially designed for direct contact with food such as smoked salmon, savoury and sweet products, chilled desserts and frozen food. Available in gold and silver colours, it combines elegance with the practicality of an end-user reusable tray.

“Traditional plasticised cardboard trays are liable to absorb organic substances and moisture when they come into contact with fatty foodstuffs and tend to deform over time,” explains Franco Arici, CEO of Rotostampa. “Moreover, the fact that they are composite materials means they cannot be recycled, which adds to disposal problems. By contrast, Albatross is 100% recyclable and remains intact, ensuring that product quality is maintained. It can also be reused in the home as a serving tray or plate.”

The tray is produced using Italian technology at a rate of 400,000 pieces per month. It does not contain solvent-based glues and uses high-purity inks with a very low environmental impact. It is available in 13 different standard sizes with a plain edge for savoury products or a scalloped edge for desserts, all of which can be customised on request.