Sustainable solventless adhesive against raw materials shortage

An Italian multinational operating all over the world and specialising in the production of specialty chemicals since 1962, Coim has transformed the current scarcity of raw materials caused by the pandemic into an opportunity, enhancing the sustainability of its portfolio of formulas for the production of packaging aimed at the food and pharma industries.

During the pandemic, in fact, the availability of the chemicals necessary for the production of food and pharma packaging was strongly limited as a result of the growing demand for packaged products.

This situation has had a particular impact on products of the latest generation, which require the use of select raw materials, which are only available from a small number of suppliers, in order to comply with the latest standards.

In particular, Coim studied a new modular solventless adhesive system based on a component obtained through a single-stage processing technique that simplifies the process with the aim of improving the planning of the production and sales chains.

The performance level of this solution offers advantages in terms of environmental and economic sustainability, increasing safety and complying with regulations on food contact materials, and improving technical and application performance.

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