Testimonies of value: Artestampa

Mock-ups and ennoblements, going beyond tradition

In 1969 man first walked on the moon and Artestampa was established, a company which is currently based in Galliate Lombardo (VA) and which stands out for its offer of products that are never standard, with regards to the entire production cycle, from the mock-up to production, in sectors ranging from the food industry to the publishing industry and mass retail.

In Artestampa tradition combines with innovation, which includes digital for printing (HP Indigo) and ennobling (Scodix) to embellish cases with polishing, foils and other ennoblements.

«We are not tradition printers», Erika Ballerio tells us at the Packaging Première stand, «in the sense that we have always concentrated on ennoblements. When everyone was printing in offset we had already begun to print in digital. We were among the first to have an HP Indigo in Italy and we have always believed in technological innovation. We use almost all the printing techniques, including offset UV and we are specialized in prototyping. One of the latest technologies that we have introduced is the one offered by the Israelian company, Scodix, which allows us to ennoble all the prints. It’s the second year that we have taken part in Packaging Première and we are very satisfied because it’s an effective showcase that puts us in contact with important brands. In our production we range from high-quality prints to promotional objects, such as mouse pads. We work a lot for agencies, companies and art galleries, a very varied clientele, therefore. Many of our customers have e-commerce platforms and we create for them the most suitable packaging for their needs. For example, for our customer who is a gemmologist and produces jewels, we have developed a neutral box, suitable for shipping, without, however, depriving the final customer of the “wow” effect associated with the unboxing experience. The neutral box contains, in fact, a beautiful ennobled and personalised little box, with a space for inserting the guarantee certificate. It’s a particular shape printed in offset with two Pantone colours in a thousand pieces.»

At Packaging Première, Artestampa took part with a very original and sustainable stand, set up with cardboard boxes stacked one on top of another and held together and wooden poles. «For us, sustainability is not a choice, but a necessity», explains Erika Ballerio.

«There is no planet B, and so we have the duty to safeguard it. There are, however, a series of beliefs to dispel, such as, for example, the conviction that recycled paper is better than standard paper. I have seen the wasting of raw materials also by those who boast of developing a line of eco-sustainable products.»

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