Robot Delta for the cosmetics market

SIPRO Srl has been producing numerical controls and motion control solutions for 40 years. Besides controllers/PLCs and a complete range of hardware and software for machinery automation.

The company offers the market an innovative line of Delta robots. Ideal complements in all packaging sectors for pick & place, assembly and handling, the SIPRO Delta Robots differ mainly according to the diameters of the work area: they are, in fact, available in 500 mm, 700 mm, 1200 mm and 1600 mm versions.

The Delta Robots can be configured with 3, 4 or 5 axes and it’s possible to integrate them rapidly and effectively with the vision systems offered by SIPRO. Further advantages include the possibility of customising the grip hands and the integration of numerous advanced functions such as interpolation, tracking of the conveyor in picking and depositing phases, the management and distribution of incoming products on multiple robots, 3D trajectory connections and running the graphical interface on Android mobile systems.

The new SIAX D4 700 HS-C model, in particular, is designed for the food and packaging world, with IP65 protection cover and with the management of the fourth shaft rotation axis for all applications that require fast rotation of the piece.

SIPRO’s Delta robots are widely used in the cosmetics sector; the applications covered so far in this field are the insertion of bottles into boxes, the straightening of randomly incoming containers on a conveyor belt and positioning on another conveyor belt with or without pucks, the insertion of pods inside palettes, the assembly of cosmetic bags…
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