ItaliaImballaggio July-August 2024

  • POWERED BY BEST PACKAGING (Mondi, Tetra Pak, Valmatic)
  • Giflex’s spring: the PPWR and LCA guidelines
  • The packaging of dairy products
  • AI in manufacturing
  • Who’s afraid of sustainability challenges? (SAES Coated Films)
  • Italian Excellence for the German Beverage Industry (Gampack Group)
  • Creating layout? An art… (Prl Tecnosoft)
  • SharkDrive: synchronous conveyor belts for robots (Vision Tech)
  • Hyperconnection and virtualization: SEW-EURODRIVE’s two pillars

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio June 2024

  • PPWR: the final act? Over to Patrizia Toia
  • A constant presence in the paper industry for the pharmaceutical market (D.C.M.)
  • Sustainable fresh fibre also in pharmaceutical (Metsä Board)
  • A dynamic and engaging QR code (Markem-Imaje)
  • Label inspection: quality starts from the finishing (Prati)
  • Sustainable cosmetics packaging: guidelines (Aliplast, Cosmetica Italia)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio May 2024

  • PPWR: IL FORUM DI ITALIAIMBALLAGGIO. Market operators, entities and institutions discuss the PPWR and its impact on everyday life, in production and beyond.
  • Cosmopack Awards 2024.Visions of beauty: 2024-2029 trends revealed
  • Green light for the Transition 5.0 Programme
  • News (Lucaprint, Officine Grafiche Riunite)
  • Amarc: curiosity opens the mind

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio April 2024

  • Packaging Première & PCD Milan 2024, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul 2024
  • IPACK-IMA 2025: how it’s changing. Interview with Simone Castelli, CEO of Ipack Ima Srl
  • “Free access” products. Best Packaging 2024
  • Sustainability, a question of Innovation. Interview with Paolo Maggi, President of Tetra Pak South Europe
  • Wooden packaging
  • The Conai Ecodesign Competition is underway
  • PPWR, agreement on the Regulation: the main points

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio March 2024

  • Fachpack 2024
  • Powered by Best Packaging. From Research to the Shelf
  • Beauty: innovation values
    Trends at the Cosmoprof event that will also act as a common thread in the evolution of the beauty world. Technological solutions by: Puntopack e MAV, Baralan, Eurovetrocap, Nastritex, Polo Cosmesi, New Cosmesy.
  • Innovating tradition: AI, blockchain and sustainability in the luxury world. An interview with Anna Maria Tartaglia
  • Materials and trends in selective packaging
    Interviews with Luxoro, Metsä Group, Crealis, Winter & Company, Fontana Grafica, Dimontonate Floccati, Dahlinger, Sappi Europe, Berlin Packaging, Favini, Guala Closures, Pozzoli

ItaliaImballaggio January-February 2024

  • Anuga Food Tec
  • Cosmopack 2024: the show with many souls. Antonia Benvegnù speaks about it.
  • The vote on the PPWR seen from the inside. A comment by Simona Caselli (Granlatte and AREFLH)
  • Powered by Best Packaging. From Research to the Shelf
  • New Machinery Regulation: regulatory and safety obligations
  • The economic and social value of the Italian food industry. Insights from the Federalimentare - Censis 2023 Report
  • Green packaging: a point of reference for consumers
  • Pet food in Italy

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio November-December 2023

  • Updates in Packaging Regulation - A comment by Francesca Stevens, Europen
  • Milano Beauty Week, Anuga, Cibus Tec
  • Pharmintech 2025, IPACK-IMA
  • Over to… Ferrarelle. A leading beverage company talks of consumer trends, technical innovation, packaging design and recycling.
  • Italians: poorer, but… still untroubled. From the Coop 2023 Report: The high cost of living is reducing consumption and forcing Italians to make new sacrifices. But we still remain optimistic.
  • Embellishment is sustainable because… (Luxoro, Gruppo Kurz)
  • 30 Tube of the Year 2023
  • Ecodesign of cosmetics packaging (Cosmetica Italia, Aliplast)
  • A circular solution for packaging doughnuts (Metsä Board)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio October 2023

  • Ecomondo, IPACK-IMA 25
  • It doesn’t take much, just do the right thing (Robatech)
  • Flessibilità al servizio dell’efficienza (Ronchi Mario)
  • Flexibility at the service of efficiency (Ronchi Mario)
  • Over to… McDonald’s. Sustainability in Food & Beverage: a question of excellent partnerships and innovation.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks: market and packaging
  • Precious and limitless labels (Grafical)
  • The new forms of cardboard (Metsä Board)
  • Report on the status of packaging: situation updated in July 2023
  • Steel and aluminium packaging

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio September 2023

  • Print effects. Testimonies of value from Packaging Premiere
  • There’s plastic and plastic(FKuR Kunststoff GmbH)
  • Berlin Packaging for 145 Vodka
  • Operating efficiency: a key element in investments (Couchbase)
  • From the Machinery Directive to the Machinery Regulation (TÜV Italia)
  • Control of labels and flexible packaging without defects (Prati)
  • axenia value actuators extend Hygienic Design line (WITTENSTEIN)
  • Coming from nature, returning to nature (Ecofoam, Dimontonate)
  • Environmental contributions reformulated for paper, wood and glass(Conai)
  • High-performance techno-polymers for any type of movement (igus)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio July-August 2023

  • TALES OF TODAY: Innovation in a breath (Atlanta Stretch),
    Simplifying for improving (MG2)
  • Plastic packaging
  • Innovating with sustainability (and not only)
  • Packaging pasta in Mozambique: a success story (Altopack)
  • Progress in form-fill-seal (Volpak)
  • Narrow-Web Tag and Label Sustainability Portfolio (Sun Chemical)
  • Less material and energy savings (Aetna Group, Meypack)
  • Sophisticated technologies for managing complexity (WITTENSTEIN)
  • “Zero-defect” labels and packaging (Prati)
  • Disposable plates in recycled aluminium (Contital)

... and much more

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