Packaging: The Italian sector in figures

The data analysed by the Italian Packaging Institute’s research centre, published in the Packaging in Figures 2023 study (2022 data), describe a stable sector from a production point of view, with a growing turnover and encouraging forecasts in the short-term

After a couple of years of alternating trends, in 2022 the Italian production of packaging shows substantial stability: -0.4% on 2021, equal to over 18 million tonnes. There was growth in double figures, instead, for turnover, which exceeded 40 billion euros, registering an increase of 15.4% against the previous year. The increase in list prices applied to counterbalance the energy increases and the greater costs of raw materials had a significant impact on turnover growth.

Monographic fact sheet of the packaging sector in Italy, from 2020 with hypotheses for 2023.
      var. %   var. %   var. %
  2020 2021 21/20 2022 22/21 Ipotesi 2023 23/22
(mln euros - estimate) 33,256 35,216 5.90% 40,653 15.40% 41,872 3.00%
Number of employees (estimate) - - - 109,491 - - -
Number of companies (estimate) - - - 7,257 - -
Production t/000 17,002 18,154 6.80% 18,089 -0.40% 18,180 0.50%
Export t/000 2,846 3,029 6,40% 2,961 -2.20% 2,813 -5.00%
Import t/000 2,091 2,419 15.70% 2,694 11.40% 2,748 2.00%
Apparent use t/000 16,247 17,543 8.00% 17,822 1.60% 18,114 1.64%
Note: Data may be subject to corrections. Source: Banca dati Istituto Italiano Imballaggio

Falling exports

Exports show a drop of -2.2%, while imports continue their rise, so much so that in 2022 the growth rate was equal to +11.4%. The trade balance remains positive, however, with 267 t/000 more packaging exported, mainly in Europe, compared to imports.

A look at materials

With regards to individual materials, there is a negative trend for paper (-3.4%) and steel (-6.2%) packaging. The significant use of paper packaging impacts on the overall performance of the sector, as cellulose materials represented 31.9% of total packaging produced in 2022. The trend of the other types of packaging was positive.

Medium-term outlook

The outlook for the next few years is generally positive. While a lower sector growth rate is forecast for 2023 due to the general economic situation, in the following years an average annual growth rate of 1.1% is expected, with a production that is estimated to reach 19,141 t/000 in 2026.

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