The latest from Brofind®: FTA Awards, gender equality and orders


Important news for Brofind® which, since 1993, has been operating at a global level offering advanced solutions in the field of solvent recovery units with steam regeneration and direct, regenerative thermal, recuperative thermal and catalytic oxidizers.

On 30 May in Düsseldorf, in conjunction with Drupa, Brofind will be a “golden sponsor” of the award ceremony for the FTA Europe Diamond Awards, a competition that celebrates excellence in flexographic printing: an opportunity to highlight its key role in the control of atmospheric pollution within the industrial printing supply chain. Besides on a technological level, Brofind’s leadership is also expressed in its management of company policy, as testified by the recent Gender Equality Certificate obtained after a meticulous assessment by the certifying body, ascertaining the company’s inclusiveness, attention to equal opportunities and growth paths open to all workers.

Moving on to successes in the market, the Milan company has confirmed the recent supply to the Netherlands of a regenerative thermal oxidizer in the field of flexible packaging printing, to meet production needs involving continuous shifts. This choice underlines the reliability and remote management of assistance services, crucial factors for the proper functioning of a plant. Finally, an important operator in the German metalworking sector has ordered a Venturi air depuration scrubber, designed to deal with the problem of particulate matter in industrial exhaust gases and which is effective at capturing particles of all sizes.

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