Automation for mill revamping

Rockwell Automation, leader in industrial automation solutions, and RAM Elettronica, which today covers 85% of medium-large Italian companies in the milling and pasta-making sector, have collaborated on a revamping project for a leading company in the mills sector.

The pilot project was then extended to a total of five sites on the national territory, integrated among them.

In order to respect the customer's will to invest in non-standardized solutions, RAM Elettronica decided to use only Rockwell Automation automation technology: a specific software for control and supervision has been written using massively the high level libraries of the modern DCS PlantPAx® and ensuring a Security compliant approach to the functional requirements of IEC 62443-3-3 standard.

The new automation platform also implements the security part of the plants and all the sites refer to a single server in an IDC - multi-platform industrial data center provided by Rockwell Automation, where the data exchange takes place, which allows to control in real time what happens in the plant and make immediate operational decisions, with obvious advantages in the continuity of service.

The project can be considered completed but the work continues with two objectives: to be able to directly reach all machines with mobile terminals (in view of remote maintenance, a QR code is being assigned to all machines) and to develop an MES system.