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Orzoro Orzo solubile

What is it. Paper-based and recyclable container, with an easy-opening and braille indications. Innovative oval shape compared to the competition’s, optimal stockage and easier shelf disposition. The lid, a patented design, hermetically seals the product assuring freshness. Logistic/stockage efficiency thanks to the oval shape, easy to display on shelf and stock at home.

Accessibility focus. Information on the package (i.e. how to recycle it) and preparation instructions are clearly visible and well explained on the product. Braille text on the lid. Hermetic lid with easy opening/closing designed also for people with disabilities or difficulties on the upper body. “Save-freshness” paper membrane that is easily peeled off.

Manufacturing material. Paper-based polylaminate (C/PAP 84) and plastic.

Product and potential markets. Soluble food product in powder form.

Design & Sustainability. Ergonomic oval shape; the lid has small plastic levers that allow an easy pack opening/closure. Pack and “save-freshness” membrane are recyclable with paper materials (as per Aticelca test), lid in recyclable PE.

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