• The words of reality

    Apr 22, 2022
    We are at a very important turning point in terms of our future as a country, but we cannot risk living in the present, ignoring the past and failing to imagine the future. Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.
  • This is the way the world goes

    Aug 31, 2022
    Editorial by Stefano Lavorini. "A fast car, the distant horizon and a woman to love at the end of the road.".... Alas, in spite of what Jack Kerouac wrote, its hard to hide from the world and give up exploring its unknown possibilities ... to live at last.
  • Simple souls sometimes inhabit complex bodies

    Jul 11, 2022
    I was reading in a newspaper that our brains hold as true the things they most easily remember. A claim at least likely, which prompted me to review notes and recordings made at the Ucima assembly... Editorial by Stefano Lavorini
  • Flavio Favelli, Behind the cover ItaliaImballaggio 7-8/2022

    Jul 05, 2022
    Born in 1967, after graduating in Oriental History from the University of Bologna, Flavio Favelli from 1995 to 2001 took part in the Link Project, Italy’s first independent cultural production center founded in 1994, based in a former pharmaceutical warehouse behind the Bologna Centrale train station.
  • Flexible is already the future

    Jun 14, 2022
    The fundamentals remain good even in this turbulent period and so flexible packaging manufacturers continue with determination to work to define and build a profile and visibility of the industry appropriate to the importance and of this packaging. Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.
  • Carlo Olper, Behind the cover ItaliaImballaggio 5/2022

    May 16, 2022
    Born in Milan, Carlo Olper first moved to Monza and now lives in Vedano al Lambro (MB). Artist, painter and photographer, he has been exhibiting for years in Italy and Europe, participating every year in important contemporary art fairs.
  • At last!

    May 13, 2022
    We are tumbling back to "almost" normalcy with enthusiasm reaffirming, perhaps even hastily, that pleasure of sociality of which we have been deprived for a long time. Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.
  • Let’s learn to have hope

    Mar 18, 2022
    While we look with worried anguish at what is happening in Europe, in the other hemisphere an important event has quietly taken place... editorial by Stefano Lavorini.
  • Stop the war

    Mar 03, 2022
    «If war is not thrown out of history by men, it will be war that throws men out of history ».
    Gino Strada, war surgeon and founder of Emergency.
  • News from OUR world

    Feb 15, 2022
    Intro (general situation vs Nietzsche) • In-person fairs and open houses • Interviews with the trees of Milan and news broadcasts at the fair • Closed (the information system and new sites) P.S. notes for the next editorial: the difficult relationship between man and crocodile. Editorial by Stefano Lavorini
  • Waiting for Christmas

    Nov 25, 2021
    Fingers crossed. While we are busy stocking up our pantries for the coming holidays, we continue to keep an eye on the pandemic data and imagine possible future scenarios. Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.
  • “Packaging and Ethics, an extraordinary combination”

    Once upon a time there was the “Ethical Packaging Charter - Shared principles for the conscious design, production and use of packaging”, that is the thoughtful decalogue presented in 2015 to open a debate between all the players in the production and distribution chain and among citizens/consumers. by Stefano Lavorini
  • Packmedia Selection 1/2021. Behind the cover: Giovanni Ronzoni

    Architect, artist, poet. Ronzoni was born on December 5, 1952 in Lissone (MB). Between photography, poetry, sculpture and painting, he has created works in which the paper is content and container, subject and object, flat surface in search of the third dimension through folds, gashes and color interventions with unexpected formal/plastic results.
  • Max Marra. Long live the Earth, long live life

    The overheating of the Earth is alarmingly topical, the risks of unlivability are high and the watchword of climate advocates is “reduce greenhouse gas emissions”, now an absolute emergency.
  • New memory stories

    It's a good thing that summer vacation is also behind us this year.
    We finally have a whole year to get back to dreaming...imagining how it would be okay to live.
    Editorial by Stefano Lavorini