Specialised technologies for liquid filling

Building upon its long experience, ACMA has decided to evolve its liquid filling technology, proposing a series of new solutions: a portfolio of renewed and specific platforms for Personal Care, Home Care and Oils (both edible and mineral).

In the world of automatic machines, few companies can boast ACMA’s engineering experience, with roots going back to the dawn of packaging and which, in the specific sector of liquid filling, has led to the installation of over 700 machines throughout the world.

The importance of being the right partner

ACMA has always offered its customers innovative, cost-effective and customised solutions, responding to industrial needs, focused on the increasing demand for automation and high machinery reliability, as well as precision and the reduction of product waste. With this operation, ACMA repositions its offer of liquid filling machines on the basis of specific markets: Personal Care, Home Care and Oils (edible and mineral).

Each of these sectors has, in fact, specific requirements in terms of product management and production times, machine cleaning and maintenance costs. In the context of Home Care, for example, corrosive products are quite common, requiring specific treatments on various parts of the machine. At the same time, there is a demand for high speeds and units capable of working on several shifts on a continuous basis.

The Personal Care sector requires, instead, frequent format changes, given the presence of multiple combinations of caps and bottles; it also needs stoppage times reduced to a minimum, and so, very rapid and efficient format change capacity. It is, moreover, a sector characterised by the presence of often very viscose products, making certain operations, such as tank cleaning, potentially problematic. “LRF - PC” will, therefore, be a technological platform dedicated to Personal Care, “LRF - HC” to Home Care and “LRF - OI” to oils.

Different technologies, same advantages

Despite the specific problems of the three sectors and the consequent diversified offer according to customer needs, ACMA guarantees advantages common to all the solutions. First of all, the flexibility of the machines, a veritable ACMA “trademark”. The platforms make it possible, in fact, to fill containers and bottles of different types and sizes with multiple capping systems, allowing, at the same time, format changes in reduced times and without the need to use equipment according to a toolless and plug-and-play logic. Precision and accuracy are another two fundamental characteristics achieved thanks to a net weight system in which a check is carried out on every single bottle. This feature is necessary for complying with production filling standards and is managed with a precision which is unique in the market.

ACMA machines operate, moreover, according to a “smart filling” logic: minimising the quantity of product in the tank through a patented control system - the Virtual Level System (VLS) – and optimising the speed of dosage with a system that constantly measures viscosity and temperature, results in a maximum reduction of waste. Maintenance operations are also considered in the design phase: all Acma’s solutions are engineered for maximum efficiency, reducing maintenance costs.

Note. According to a report drawn up by Mordor Intelligence, in 2023 the packaging market for Personal Care will reach 30.53 billion dollars, and is projected to arrive at 39.85 billion by 2028, with an annual growth rate of 5.47%. Again in 2023, it is estimated that the packaging market for Home Care will be worth 33.55 billion dollars, which will rise to 43.68 by 2028, with an annual growth of 5.42%.
(Source: https://www.mordorintelligence.com)

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