For over 80 years FAVA has been producing systems for pasta factories, filing patents on technologies that are now the protagonists of over 2000 installations worldwide.

«FAVA has always concentrated its research and development in the pasta business. Lately we have developed technologies in which, in addition to the valorization of each raw material through unique and patented technological processes, production difficulties are limited and the control of parameters is facilitated. At IPACK-IMA 2022 we will present our applications of digital technologies related to Industry 4.0, in particular IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), designed to maximize value services, related to both machine operation and after-sales. In this innovative field are applied augmented reality techniques, predictive techniques based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with two main packages based on the IIOT Fava platform: predictive maintenance and predictive quality control».

Luigi Fava, CEO

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