Drives for intralogistics


In intralogistics applications, it’s necessary to transport packages of different weight, often for relatively long distances. The drive technology used has, therefore, special requirements in terms of performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

To this end, Nord Drivesystems has developed the DuoDrive gearbox/motor combination in which a high-efficiency IE5+ synchronous motor is integrated in a planetary gearbox, achieving excellent results. DuoDrive guarantees a constant torque in a wide range of speeds and therefore makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of drive variants necessary for developing a complete system. This leads to a reduction in costs and a simplification of assistance and maintenance processes.

In this regard, mention can be made of the wide range of consultancy services offered by Nord Drivesystems, focusing on NORD ECO, which makes it possible to keep the trend of energy consumption of a system under control with the help of a measuring device.

Compact, easily maintained and connectable. NORDAC ON decentralised frequency converters have also been optimised to meet the technological needs of horizontal transport. Thanks to the compact structure, ease of maintenance and complete connectivity, they are particularly suitable for developing large intralogistics systems with different drive units. In the NORDAC ON+ version, they have been specially designed to be used together with the IE5+ motor.

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