High-end embossed lids


Aluminium lids designed for packaging beauty products guarantee total barrier protection against gases and light, protecting safety.

The French company, Embatherm, offers a wide choice of state-of-the-art closures, with embossing and treatments able to give value to cosmetic brands. Specifically, embossing is a tone-on-tone decoration technique, without the addition of ink, which consists of flattening the embossing and the background grain of the lid, applicable on all the aluminium-based films distributed by the company, and stands out particularly well on metallic, glossy, aluminium or gold backgrounds.

Technically possible on all embossings, it is on diamond-point surfaces that the most spectacular results are obtained: the embossing mattifies the material, the flattened areas come out shiny and the fine grain allows for detailed, elegant, very high-end designs.

It is worth noting that “diamond-point” rotary embossing is exclusive to Embatherm, guaranteeing excellent results also in the case of non-geometric patterns.

Finally, embossing can be combined with an embossing “reserve”: a smooth area is created around the entire periphery of the lid, just above the sealing area. A smooth area is created, which has no sign of the pattern. The seal is, as a result, tighter and any friction with the bottom seal is reduced.

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