Skean: essential beauty

Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries has been chosen by Skean for their launch in the beauty market. Premi Studio designed the packaging for their Essential skincare products to be as sustainable as possible, in line with their mission of clean beauty.

Together with the brand, they chose the light weight glass Pure 50 ml bottle and the iconic Heavy 30 ml glass bottle, light pink semitransparent matte varnished and paired with Ice cream pump and Girotondo dropper.

The Pure 100 ml PET bottle, combined with Mounty dispenser and light pink shiny varnished, completes the collection. All the accessories have been custom-made for Skean in light pink matte master. The team was also responsible for the secondary packaging featuring the embossed Skean logo and made from FSC™-certified eco-friendly Favini Crush Almond 350 gr paper, which is composed of 15% by-products of agro-industrial processing and 40% post-consumer recycled material. The highlight of the line is the Essential Set box, whose shaped interior is entirely removable, allowing its reuse as a storage box.

The latest new entries in the Skean’s family are travel-size products. Sky 10, 20 and 30 ml bottles intransparent frosted glass were decorated with pink screen printing. These packaging are ideal for carrying favorite products for every occasion, to try a new formula, or for a special gift.

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