Functional paper with barrier effect

Mondi extends its range of medium, high and very high barrier paper-based packaging, ensuring excellent product protection and, at the same time, supporting users in their efforts towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

Applying different technologies to obtain the barrier-effect – extrusion coatings, aqueous or other types of barriers with a very high protective effect – the paper-based packaging range can be used for very different applications.

The solution with medium barrier effect, designed for industrial packaging, e-commerce and personal care products, guarantees high sealing and average protection from water vapour, while the paper with a high barrier effect ensures medium protection from oxygen and water vapour, as well as high protection from fat and mineral oils, in particular for frozen foods and chocolate. The solution with very high barrier effect, for products like coffee, cereals and confectionary, guarantees excellent product protection from water vapour and oxygen, ensuring a long shelf-life.

Mondi produces barrier-effect paper entirely in-house, which represents an added value: designed to be recyclable in European supply chains and produced with responsibly-sourced materials, the solutions offer renewable alternatives to plastic laminates and multi-material aluminium-based packaging.

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