PEX – 2000 Print Engine


One of the main suppliers of innovative solutions for thermal label printing, TSC Printronix Auto ID offers the 6-inch PEX - 2000 print engine for more efficient automatic labelling.

Designed to optimize operating times, improve user processes and overcome space restrictions, the 6-inch PEX - 2000 print engine works 24/7, maximising in this way the continuous production of labels and allowing machine manufacturers to configure their preferences in terms of printing speed, precision and synchronisation.

Thanks to a highly compatible hardware and software architecture, it easily integrates, in fact, into any automatic labelling system: it works perfectly, in fact, with different PCs or PLCs on the market through the GPIO interface and its DB15 and DB25 connectors. In addition, the firmware supports the main printing languages, so that the label models and print files can be configured and saved as required. The 6-inch PEX - 2000 is available with a printing resolution of 203 or 300 dpi and a printing speed of up to 14 inches a second. The innovative adjustable peel - off model permits working with tilted angles ranging from -18 degrees to -3 degrees, making it possible to easily peel off labels without having to re-design or re-engineer the automatic-labelling articulating arms. The standard version of the new driver integrates a Micro – SD card-reader for a memory extension of up to 32 GB and offers different options such as an RFID module for printing and an RFID label code and a combined Wi - Fi + Bluetooth module for advanced wireless connection.

The new generation of engines offered by TSC Printronix guarantee a high load capacity (600-metre-long belts) and make it possible to print large dimensions up to 180 mm (labels for pallets). The standard version has a black mark sensor for the automatic detection of labels, a function which is available only as an option from other manufacturers on the market. And for greater flexibility, the user will be able to select the means of detection, choosing between a visible branding on the top or bottom of the label.

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