Long pasta packets: elegant, practical and sustainable

Aesthetics and functionality combine perfectly in the new long pasta packets (among the finalists of Best Packaging 2020) made with Altopack’s AOD ULTRA horizontal automatic machine.

The printing on every side allows for optimal visibility on the shop shelf, enhances the brand logo and highlights the name of the product and the nutritional information. The high-precision welds are barely visible, a feature of technologically advanced ultrasonic processes, protected by a patent, which guarantee zero fragments inside the cross welding and a perfectly sealed closure.

The technology developed by Altopack makes it possible to reduce the use of packaging film, with a consequent increase in productivity (around 20% more than the technologies currently present on the market), an energy saving of 75% and the complete elimination of scraps of wrapping material. The advantages with respect to environmental sustainability are evident: the use of this packaging machine avoids the risk of release into the atmosphere of around 100 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Since 2019, the AOD ULTRA system has been used successfully by Pastificio Panzani (Nanterre-France), with which Altopack has had a long partnership, as well as numerous producers in Algeria and Iran.

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