ItaliaImballaggio June 2024

  • Interconnected production lines with Line Strategy

    Jun 21, 2024
    Line Strategy, the software created by Nimax together with Eureka System, has been developed to provide a simple and expandable solution to information exchange problems common to all production lines.
  • High-end labelling for cylindrical pharmaceutical products

    Jun 21, 2024
    Pharma Flexi is an automatic system for the high-speed and precision labelling of vials, bottles, carpules, syringes and devices, which incorporates the most recent evolutions of Etipack systems dedicated to pharmaceutical labelling.
  • A dynamic and engaging QR code

    Jun 20, 2024
    With a carefully studied approach, the QR code has the ability to enhance the marketing strategies of any brand, promoting customer loyalty. Massimo Cavazzini, Sales Director of Markem-Imaje South Europe, explains how and why.
  • A (small) ecological solution

    Jun 19, 2024
    Verimec - which has been operating since 1985 as a subsidiary of the Massilly Group, European leader in the packaging and tinplate twist off caps sector
  • Increasingly green companies with the new EU measures

    Jun 18, 2024
    2024 is a year of measures on sustainability for the European Union, committed for some time to regulating a number of key factors for the creation of a green economy from the point of view of development practices and models.
  • Nature MultiPack: an effective can packaging solution

    Jun 17, 2024
    Considering the growth of the “canned drinks” segment, the Spanish brewer Estrella Galicia has opted for Nature MultiPack, the smart solution developed by KHS, an ideal partner thanks to its long history and leadership in the market for the supply of brewery technology.
  • Sustainable cosmetics packaging: Aliplast presents guidelines developed with Cosmetica Italia

    Jun 14, 2024
    Presented during Cosmoprof Worldwide 2024, the white paper “Plastic packaging in the cosmetics sector” is a handbook developed by Aliplast (Hera Group) and Cosmetica Italia to set out the basic concepts of recycling for the world of beauty, which is increasingly attentive to sustainability but not close enough to the new innovative materials with recycled content available on the market.
  • Focus on nutraceutical products (2024)

    Jun 13, 2024
    Alongside the pharmaceutical sector, also the subject of ever-increasing attention, there is the category of nutraceutical products, that is to say, all those food supplements which, while not drugs, are in any case used as a remedy for various health problems.
  • Elisa Cella, Behind the cover ItaliaImballaggio 06/2024

    Jun 13, 2024
    Elisa Cella, born in Genoa in 1974, she’s an artist with a scientific academic background (she studied Mathematics in the faculty of Sciences of the State University of Milan, after obtaining the high school diploma in scientific studies, Ed.) and has always worked at the crossroads between biology and art.
  • Universal Pack, excellence in single-dose packaging

    Jun 11, 2024
    Universal Pack has been a world leader for almost 60 years in the design of single-dose packaging machines and automatic lines for the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries, for the single-dose packaging of products such as powders, granules, liquids, tablets and much else besides.
  • Outlook 2027: growth trend of machines for pharma

    Jun 11, 2024
    The expected growth of the global pharma market at a CAGR of between +5 and 8% to 2028 will drive machinery for packaging pharma products sector, which for its part will grow at a rate of 2.8% per year, achieving in 2027 a value of as much as 961.2 million euros higher than in 2022.
  • Sustainable fresh fibre also in pharmaceutical

    Jun 06, 2024
    Cutting the carbon footprint in pharmaceutical sector with Metsä Board fresh fibre paperboards. Optimisation of paperboard can cut the carbon footprint of pharmaceutical packaging by 60%, based on life cycle assessment.
  • Capsulit is even greener

    Jun 06, 2024
    Capsulit, which has been operating in closure systems or pharmaceutical packaging for over 75 years, is increasingly focused on sustainability.
  • The sharing of knowledge and standards in progress

    Jun 05, 2024
    From Sun Chemical’s Regulatory Newsletter: updated information on important questions and on developments of interest for those operating in the industrial sector of printing inks, paints and related products.
  • Fixed self-centring chucks

    Jun 05, 2024
    Essential components in production, particularly in drilling and milling processes, the range of self-centring chucks offered by norelem includes 3-4-jaw models in stainless steel.

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